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Deities in EoF:

Cazic Thule - The Faceless

Alignment: Evil
Portfolio: Fear
Prophet: Danak Dhorentath

Innoruuk - The Prince of Hate

Alignment: Evil
Portfolio: Hate, Strife
Prophet: Xilania Nevagon

Rallos Zek - The WarlordAlignment: Evil
Portfolio: War
Prophet: Tychus Zeksworn

Solusek Ro - The Burning Prince

Alignment: Neutral
Portfolio: Magic, Fire & the Sun
Prophet: Civean Il'Pernod

Brell Serilis - The Duke of Below

Alignment: Neutral
Portfolio: Smiths & Earth
Prophet: Bronlor Stormhammer

Mithaniel Marr - The Truthbringer

Alignment: Good
Portfolio: Honor
Prophet: Bayden Cauldthorn

Tunare - The Mother of All

Alignment: Good
Portfolio: Nature, Growth
Prophet: Eva Corunno'thes

Quellious - The Tranquil

Alignment: Good
Portfolio: Tranquility, Harmony, Peace
Prophet: Sensei Makoto Shoda

Deity Quest Lines:

Performing quests for your deity's prophet unlock the various deity abilities and reward you with items and abilities. The quest lines are not intended to be extremely time-consuming or difficult, but rather, a closer look at the deity's return, or a story of what is happening with the followers on Norrath. The first 3-4 quests are intended to be solo-oriented, though there may be some places in the 3rd or 4th quest where people will want friends with them. The last quest in the series should be designed for a group. Unlocking your last ability and earning your deity's cloak should feel important (more on the cloak thing later).

Quest lines should follow this basic structure:

First quest:
Level range: 20-25
Unlocks the first blessing/miracle pair
Grants 1,250 favor
Grants the base altar
Second quest:
Level range: 30-35

Unlocks the second blessing/miracle pair
Grants 2,500 favor
Grants a deity accessory choice
Third quest:
Level range: 50-55

Unlocks the third blessing/miracle pair
Grants 5,000 favor
Grants the ability to summon a flavor pet (eg: Solusek Ro followers will summon a small imp, Mithaniel Marr followers summon a lion, etc.)

Fourth quest:
Level range: 60-65

Unlocks the fourth blessing/miracle pair
Grants 7,500 favor
Grants a better altar (favor cost per prayer reduced & upgraded appearance)

Fifth quest:
Level range: 70-75

Unlocks the fifth & final blessing/miracle pair
Grants 10,000 favor
Grants a cloak with the deity's symbol

Quest lines start in one of two zones, Butcherblock or Greater Faydark with the deity's prophet.

Altars & Use:

Altars are a character's channel to his/her god(dess). Placing them in your character's house will allow you to use them to pray for abilities and sacrifice items for additional favor with your character's deity.

The better the altar your character uses, the better the results of prayer from that altar. As you find better altars through questing, drops or tradeskills, the favor cost of praying for blessings and miracles will decrease. Altars which are no-drop (quested or extremely high-end altars) are only usable by the owner of the altar, so if you really want to get deity powers on the cheap, you're going to need to go out and find better altars yourself.

The altar interface, brought up when you pray (right click on the altar once placed in your house) shows the blessings and miracles available. The blessings and miracles are broken into two columns; blessings on the left, miracles on the right. You will notice that the icons for the blessings & miracles are slightly different - the blessings have the deity symbol with no background glow, while the miracles have the deity symbol with a background glow. If an ability is grayed out, it means that you cannot pray for that ability at the moment. Mouse over it and you will get a tool-tip that explains why the ability is unavailable (not on the UI as I write this, but coming soon).

Abilities & Use:

Blessings and miracles are powerful abilities that your character's deity grants to him.

Blessings are usually longer duration (about 10 minutes) abilities that increase or augment a character's abilities in some fashion, or summon a minion of the deity to assist the player in some manner.

Miracles are short duration (usually instant to 1 minute) abilities that drastically affect the world around the player, either by dealing devastating damage to their opponent, or by imbuing a player and/or their group with power for a short duration.

Blessings and miracles are on 60 minute timers, so use them when they're important. They're not meant to be used in every fight. Appologies in advance if that's what you were looking for, but if there's one thing that's not necessary, it's another button to always push in combat.

Both Blessings and Miracles can be used twice (after the one hour recast timer) before you must buy them again.


This is actually fairly straight-forward. Each deity has an avatar that will descend to Norrath if favor enough has been collected on Norrath. The avatar will persist for a period of 3-5 days, and while it is in existance, will grant the deity's followers a smaller, but longer duration buff when they make the pilgrimage to bask in its glory.

However, not all mortals are so willing to bow before the planar entities. Those wishing to test their might against the avatars will be in for a difficult challenge. These avatars are mortals infused with deific power, and as such can be more than a handful even to the most experienced raid forces.

Beware, those who wish to attack their character's own deity, for by accepting that deity as the character's master, the deity gains power over the character. Should someone attack their own deity's avatar, the initial consequence will merely be banishment. Thereafter, the consequences are much less favorable. Pun intended.

The Future:
If your favorite Norrathian deity has not yet returned to Norrath, do not fret. More will come as power flows more freely from the planes, lured once more by Norrathian worshippers and intrigue. These first eight are merely the most major players in things to come.

Future deities will come in later expansions or possibly live events.
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